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Catherine Zeta   Jones

"One of my first big Hollywood stars I styled during a shoot in Toronto.


Catherine was such a pleasure and darling to work with. Love this image of Catherine all wearing Roberto Cavalli.

Say no more, what a Hollywood superstar!"

Scarlett Johansson

"I will never forget styling Scarlett for this L'Officiel Paris cover shoot.


When the issue was published I received a handwritten card and flowers from Paris. All signed by the maestro himself  Mr. John Galliano saying Merci for a gorgeous cover of Miss Scarlett Johansson.

What a fashion moment loved it"

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Taylor Swift

"Full-on sexy glamour with Taylor for ELLEs party issue.

Wearing all haute couture and diamonds is a dream come true for me as a stylist.

Taylor is such a cool superstar to style."

Charlize Theron

"The Sexiest Woman Alive issue for Esquire Magazine gave me as a stylist a lot of international press. It was top news all around the world. 

Charlize is amazing to work with- WOW what a star!"

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Cindy Crawford

"Cindy-the world's favorite supermodel.

This cover story for Stil Magazine was the first time I styled Miss Crawford.

One of my #1 girls to work with. What a FAB supermodel and person you are!"

Cameron Diaz

"Cameron Diaz For GQs big Hollywood issue was my first GQ cover followed by many more.

Miss Diaz will always be a favorite of mine to style. Simply FAB!"

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